Sunday, September 9, 2012

making new friends.

happy sunday, everyone! just thought i'd tickle your funny bone one more time before heading off to the work week.



  1. You are funny! Except I can't say that I like Harry Potter. Still friends? lol

    Amanda @

    1. STILL friends...but we should really have a girls night, so i can sway your opinion! :)

    2. I'd LOVE a girl's night. My opinion could probably easily be swayed. And hey! I wanted to tell you...someone wrote an incredibly rude "reply" back to your comment all the way back to my chick fil a post. I don't know if you saw it. But if you did, I'm super sorry. I deleted it immediately and actually thought it was pretty funny how inconsiderate and dumb people can be. Anyways! Cheers to Harry Potter! hahaha.

    3. yay for girls night! the only problem is we are lots of states away!!! :) oh girl... your opinion would totally be swayed! :) i never saw that reply which is probably good, but now you have me curious -- what was it?

    4. some guy with the username "Christianssuck" bashing on every little thing you can even thin kof. Pathetic.

    5. it's probably not worth repeating, you're right... we'll just pray for him... :) that's the best medicine for hatred.


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