Tuesday, September 25, 2012

work it out.

so... i'm pretty proud of myself my husband & i...

husband always looks nice & fit -- he's one of those guys who is naturally cut & even though he eats terrible, will probably be thin forever... me? well...yeah...

um, while i can keep up with him in the eating realm (love my food), i can't keep up with staying fit & thin without much effort... bummer.

BUT... lately we have been being more excersize-consious...

nike workouts

and a few days ago we really started running.

this picture is OLD. but it's the only one i had before a run to go with the 'theme'... :) 

i hate it. i have always hated it. even when i was in shape...that's right...you guessed it... i hated it.
loathe is maybe a more appropriate word.

so, we ventured off the other night... he always says, 'ill follow your lead'. but me? i'm too lazy not motivated...not excited is maybe a better way to put it... & if we followed my lead, we'd be turned around cuddling on the coach.

so, we'll follow his lead. we're both not in the best shape, but he does basketball every week & is in better shape than me for sure. i would venture to say we're both naturally atheletes, so it's not that i can't run; i just... HATE IT. and believe me when i tell you, reminding myself how much i've hated it all these years has not helped my attitude for it... but we're working on changing that!

so... i followed his lead... from our apartment down to the kum'n'go & then walked home...

when we got home & decided to see how far it was... maybe half mile?

nope... .9 MILES WHICH MEANS ALMOST A WHOLE MILE! this may not seem that much but beings i haven't done it for, oh, i don't know... like 5 years... it is HUGE! i was pumped!

and guess what? we've went like 3+ different nights & are almost to two miles! BAM.

so proud. now...about those extra pounds...when do they come off? :)
(ps, just let me say that while i am trying to get into better shape, i am also working on contentment... i am content with what the good Lord blessed me with while simultaneously trying to be better. he has gifted adam & myself with so much... so thankful to even have legs to be running on!)


happy running,

we've realized it's pretty darn fast to run there & back... also, it's beginning to become part of the 'daily routine'. it's so fast you almost feel bad not doing that little bit of good for the day! it feels good to breath hard & sweat a bit -- almost a bit addicting, perhaps? eh, well... maybe not :)

i was chatting with a coworker -- she's training for a 22 mile marathon -- YIKES! but she was very VERY encouraging & you do have to start small! :)

another coworker gets up every morning & runs 5 miles -- i might start running in the a.m. for a couple reasons...

***i'll start the day off with God's beautiful creations around me -- i've heard that puts you in a great mood for the day -- fresh air & nature***

***it'll be done for the day :)***

***i can eat, if i'm hungry, when i get home. right now i don't because when we run, i feel sick with that food in there***

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