Tuesday, September 11, 2012

happy almost-humpday!


on a much lighter note, i'm about ready to go to bed & just thought i'd wish you all a happy early 'hump-day'. i am SO excited for it to be wednesday. the work week is ALMOST over -- YIPPEE! 

tomorrow i start my 'sharing the faith' Bible study... adam had a "courageous" men's Bible study (based on the movie) & i had started the 'sharing the faith' one the same night he started his, but only 2 people showed up, so we postponed the one i'm in until now... i'm not necessarily super excited to go, almost entirely because coming home to sleep on my couch sounds so nice... but i know that this is something that i need to do... it WILL be beneficial and i need it... my evangelism skills need some work, for sheezy! i'll keep you posted!

happy wednesday tomorrow!

xxoo, j

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