Wednesday, September 5, 2012

'ello, puppets!

SO FINALLY... done with schoolsies! actually for about a week now! BAM-A-LAM.
but quite frankly, life is still busy. my etsy has been going swell & keeping my busaaaay!

but i've promised myself i will not put anything else up there until i've finished adam & my honeymoon book! ahh -- it's almost been a year & i've still not finished! slacking over here. sad. so, i was hoping this week, but i have a order to do that is going to take me a couple days, so i'm not so sure about that... 

and then with football season starting, you all know where husband will be... and where i will be! that's right, anxiously awaiting kickoff in some cool hawkeye gear, jazzing myself up to learn something new that i didn't realize last game...and then... falling asleep. yes, it never fails...

but all is well and husband loves me none the same...but really, that book -- it WILL get done. soon. and then more etsy stuff... and then studying for my boards (priorities may or may not be in order here)... haha... and then who knows what else... 

when i get off of work, i just want to hang out with hubs, but i will try to do better at chatting it up with you all! and i will respond to your comments... eventually! HANG IN THERE! we'll chat soon! :) 


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