Wednesday, September 12, 2012

up-cycling stressed, old barn wood.

'ello all!

i am ook for ideas to help out my brother! he has an amazing opportunity to get a hold of some old stressed barn wood & is looking for some good ideas! he's SO amazing with woodwork and i need YOUR help for more ideas! here's what i have so far, but if you think of anything, know of anything, find any good ideas on pinterest, Facebook, twitter, or whatever else all the 'cool kids' are using,! :)

many ideas via

cute bench!

USA pride -- love it!

i love all these primitive ideas, don't you!?

so cute & prim.

this clock is amazing.

very modern & chic divider!

cute idea, but i'm sort of confused?

i LOVE this, but don't know what colors i'd use for my apt! cute piece of decor though, right?

and i really like this one, too! very beachy... maybe for our beach house someday! :)

cowboy up!

for our country home someday...! haha :)


very modern... i heart!

yet more modern, country, primitive touches!

these stairs are so cute!

THIS is a great idea!

this would be pretty lucrative on etsy, i imagine?!

very country -- cute!

love this, of course! this song melts my little heart!

yet another good & simple idea!!!


loves, j

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