Friday, September 7, 2012

happy friday!

adam & i have been doing/starting/trying/working on this whole 'budgeting' thing... we are sooo SO proud of ourselves because we've been doing SO well! :) 

we need a treat...

so, what do old semi-newlyweds do on a summer's night? hmmm... 
go to a movie?
walk around TJMAXX  be a MAXXinista?
go to the mall? 
out to eat?
vegg at home?
puppies for a walk?

decisions, decisions. and since harry potter date night is over, it's real tough! so, i said i'd see if there were any good movies out... 
***note, we don't do movies often... why? BECAUSE by the time you get tix & OF COURSE get your LARGE buttered popcorn (to clog your arteries, so you die in a year) AND your LARGE pop (to also clog your arteries, so you die in a year), you end up spending over $30. or atleast we do... 

oh how i long for the good ol' days where my mom & us put candy & 20 oz in our purses? or how about pulling a diane (mom-in-law) & sticking popcorn under your shirt, so you look pregnant (yes, she really did that -- HA!)?

anyways, perhaps a movie tonight, i think?! they have some free ones in the park, but not tonight! sad. has anyone seen OBAMA'S AMERICA 2016?

i think we'd like that. this election is SO crucial, scary, important & we've heard great things about this movie.

on a sort-of side-note, please PLEASE take a moment and pray -- pray for this country. pray for our leaders, but most of all, pray for our people. because people are the ones who make this country & who elect our leaders. pray for their hearts, minds, bodies & the right decision. above all, please pray that God's will be done.



  1. I just haven't found anything about him I like at all. He disrespects our flag, our troops, our cops, our God. He has a suspect social security number, birth certificate, and has all his records sealed. WHY???

    1. adam & i will respect him just because he holds the title of america's president -- our president, BUT there is much truth in, "why are you 'sealing everything' if you have nothing to hide?" and generally that is probably a very 'not giving someone the benefit of the doubt' approach, but unfortunately too many things have gone down the tube & he's exhausted many of his 'second' and 'third' chances. one thing that really bugs me is when he was speaking to russian leaders saying, "this is my last election...after my election i'll have more flexibility". this was in regards to work on the missile defense system with Russia. i understand that this can be taken different ways, but wow -- what a scary SCARY thing. he's already done a lot of 'not good' for this country AND another four years... well, what does he have to loose? he doesn't have to worry about another election again! at least not presidential. prayerfully yours, j


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