Saturday, December 28, 2013

being sick is for the birds.

I know I already told you back HERE, but we've been sick for quite some time now.

Adam has been sick for at least or close-to 2 weeks & I got sick last Saturday. Since we finally landed home at 2:00 a.m. Christmas morning, we've just been sleeping & resting, pretty much. I've watched more episodes of 19 & Counting than I'd like to admit, drank more OJ than I maybe ever have, consumed more packets of Emergen-C in a short time than I want & honestly, am getting restless.

We stayed home Thursday & slept pretty much all day. Thankfully, our physician was able to get us in & we got a z-pac, in addition to cough syrup. I guess we both have bronchitis & sinusitis. We're on the up&up though. Adam was able to work Friday, even though feeling a bit crummy. And tonight has been a big turn around for me. 

Adam has been playing a very strict nurse, which I'm not-so-secretly thankful for. He is such a good husband. Even went & bought me ice-cream because it sounded good for my throat. I told him to surprise me with the flavor & he found local, homemade peppermint! on sale! that's my man! :) perfect.

Anyways, as husband says & husband's dad said, "You just play the cards you're dealt!" And that's what we're doing. Even though we're not feeling well, we're trying to look at the positives:
-this sickness is not terminal & just requires a lot of tissues
-we have a nice, warm bed to rest in
-we have some tv to consume us when awake (HA)
-i've got some Bible studying done & husband some reading

So, just trying to be positive in everything. And also to praise Him through our perception of good & praise Him through our perception of bad!

Hoping that you've been able to steer clear of the cold/flu bug this winter/Christmas season!

sending big hugs your way & coughing in the other direction, 

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