Monday, December 30, 2013


I've only met a few lovies who don't like this beautiful stuff below. I don't see quite how they don't love it, but whatevs. I love chocolate. I'm not like, addicted, or anything...but we're definitely buddies. 

So, you can see how jazzed I am when I head off to the grocery store for ketchup, salsa & buns and ended up buying 9 bags...yup, that's right... Christmas clearance, hello!?!?! All sorts of Dove chocolates that are normally almost $4/bag are only $1.50?!?! yes, please! and Hershey's kisses (even in mint, truffle & my favorite -- peppermint), too!!!

anyways, i guess you could say i'm stocked up.

Have a happy, chocolatey Monday-Funday back to work!

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