Saturday, December 28, 2013

secret keeper girl (november 2013).

Have you ever heard of Secret Keeper Girl?

I hadn't until I just kept hearing the ads non-stop on the radio. Then I realized it was coming to our church! We were asked to help volunteer at the event! Adam is always willing to help, but wasn't too sure about an all-girls event with screaming tweens! He did a great job & we had a good time!

Basically, Secret Keeper Girl Tour that we helped at is a Christ-centered mother/daughter concert/date night! It's for tweens & is focused on sharing the gospel with girls, as well as chatting to them about boys, modesty, friendships & much more. It was founded by Dannah Gresh to be a fun night becoming God-Crazy! It was so cute getting to see all of these little girls & their mommys, some with CRAZY hair, getting so excited to go to this concert & worship! 

Adam was able to take tickets at the door & use this cool little scanner thing & I got to be the head of the merchandise table (which sort of scared me because I was the go-to & we all just got a crash-course)! However, I had an absolute blast. I'm not kidding -- one of the funnest nights I've had in a while. There's was so much pink, brightness & glitter! Even the iPad cases we were taking payments on were completely glitter (the resin kind that doesn't get everywhere)! :) By the way, have you ever heard of Square? That's what we used to take payments & it was the coolest! If I ever really get up & going with Etsy or something, I'll definitely be looking into that! :)

What a fun rush it was to have hundreds of moms & daughters & yelling "Who's ready?" or "Who's next?" I know that doesn't appeal to many, but I was a rolling! And it was fun because even through the madness, I was able to smile & be a kind heart to all of these little gals & their moms. 

Sidenote, the 'training girl', Britney, I think? was so sweet. Such a cute, woman of God. And her little southern twang helped, too! And she's getting engaged/married soon? So happy for her & her future! :) She told us she thought we were the most darling little couple, too! Score! :)

My outfit! It definitely fit in well with the Secret Keeper Girl theme! However, this sweater-dress thing...ugh. It kept riding up on me...I was so worried because hello! part of this whole sha-bang is MODESTY, people! And a dress riding up is NOT! ah! I also caught a sharp part of a corner & put a run in my tights -- bummer! :( Other than that, love it!

This is obviously my super adorable husband who sacrificed a night to come hang out with a few thousand screaming 12 year old girls! He's going to be a great daddy! And he's just an all around great guy & I am thankful for him!

Some of the stage props before go-time! Those are real balloons -- I touched them to be sure! :)

And then us little nuggets after the rush! I think before intermission or before the end of the night? I don't know...!? Either way, check out the poster behind me & go HERE for some great resources on Godly literature for moms, kids, even boys!

Sidenote, this night was an encouragement for me personally, too. Adam & I try to give a lot of our time as another form of giving besides tithe. We try to volunteer lots in our church as a way of serving others & God. We were chatting with a couple ladies & they expressed much gratitude & thanks for us. They were saying how much they appreciated our serving hearts & that they were so grateful! And that even though we haven't been there for a super-long time, so many people know who we are just because of that & know they can call on us! What an encouragement that was to hear. I think God put that gratitude in their hearts to be an encouragement for me! :)

Mister A taking a little breather before we pack up for the night & the final rush!

Just wanted to share this neat little fellowship we were able to be a part of. It was a great time & a great encouragement! If you ever have an opportunity to go with your daughter, I recommend it, even though I didn't get to see much of the show (I was told it was great & useful from some Christian mommy friends)!



  1. Aww, sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! You did a great thing, helping out like that. :)
    And the whole event sounds like a pretty fantastic time!

    The Girly Gamer

    1. Thanks, Miss Michelle! :) It was a total blast! We love to volunteer & it's a side bonus when it's a blast! :) You should come to the next event! :)

      XOXO, j


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