Sunday, December 29, 2013

elfie & bernard.

Obviously, I'm playing catch up on our Christmas season. I've been absent from the blogger world & even husband was like, "I haven't read anything from you in a while!" Side thought, that made me happy that husband reads my stuff! :) Even if he doesn't have an interest in this month's favorite nail polish color...or whatever my latest rambling is... :)

ANYWAYS, the explanation for the title of this post. I'll have to check with husband to make sure my facts are straight, but here goes nothing... 

Adam's best guy friend, Drew, and his wife, Alyssa, have a little gal named Cameron. One day mister Drew gave husband a call/text & asked him if he could pretend to be an elf because Cam really wanted to talk to an elf. Adam of course obliged, but didn't know what his name was, so asked. Drew said to just come up with something, so the first thing that came to mind was Bernard (is that an elf in SantaClaus? I think it is, actually). Drew also mentioned they were getting a tree, so husband had tucked that away. 

Cam called & was so excited to talk to Bernard the elf. She was sort of quiet & shy, but Drew said she was just freaking out after she got off the phone. Adam... I mean, Bernard, chatted with her about the tree & being a good little girl & all the other normal things that elves & kids talk about...

Adam just thought this was the cutest when he was telling me! Especially how excited Cam was. And then, Drew called again to say that Cam wanted to chat with a lady elf. Thus, me. So, she called & we chatted about Santa, the toy shop, her Christmas tree & other normalcies of elf life. The only part that threw me off guard was when she asked where I lived. I panicked & said I lived with Bernard (as I franticly walked over to Adam & was like, "Where do we live?!"). I told her Bernard & I lived in the toy shop & she was pretty disappointed that we didn't live under ground, for some reason...anyways, it was super cute & we got a 'good job' from the parents.

Husband had this great idea of sending her some elf gear! How sweet, right? So, we actually found an elf costume-thing at Target. We packaged it right up with the note you see above. Cameron's response? "Daddy, they want me to be an elf!" 

How cute, right?

And here's just some other Christmas packages & our Christmas cards. I love Christmas cards & just getting fun mail, in general. I thought about emailing cards or something like that, but there's just something fun about it... very spirited & it's fun to open mail that's not junk! So, I decided to just do it! Haven't missed a year yet! 

Sort of funny is that my brother is like, "Jace! We have 3 kids & you have none! How is you Christmas Letter longer than ours!?" Good point... :)


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