Saturday, December 28, 2013

christmas gifts 2013.

So many goodies this year! We are thankful for each & every one of them. Very appreciative for the time, thought & money spent with them!

OH & my mama got me a new calendar thing that I haven't taken pictures of or gotten up, but I must, it's super cute & I will hopefully get years & years & years of use!

Incase you missed it, 

Here are a few of the goodies that I received this year (if you want a link of any, just comment below)!

One thing that has been laid upon our heart's this year is others in need. There are plenty of things on Adam & my 'wish list', but when we really look at what the Lord has blessed us with, it's significant. We have food. We have clothing. We have shelter. We have each other. The list goes on & on. 

One analogy that our pastor was ministering about was a father with a few kiddos. One of his kiddos is rich & with extravagant means. His other kiddo is starving with no food, water. His other kiddo has no shoes so gets much infection. Instead of helping his brothers & sisters, he keeps all the wealth for himself & let them starve & be sick. This is analogous to us all being children of God. And when one of us is blessed, we are able to help others who have less & need.

Now, I am totally NOT saying gifts are bad... no, no, no... They can actually be really beneficial... relationship builders, thoughtfulness, blessings, etc... I'm just saying for Adam & I, this is how we felt this year. We knew there would be a want to get us more (& we appreciate that, too), so we did put other things on our list, but we did put this at the start of our Christmas List:

rather than a physical gift, feel free to donate something in my name. a ministry close to my heart is Samaritan's Purse. you can buy a family/person in need a goat, drinking water, etc...there are many things that people in all different countries are needing & what a blessing this could/would be! 

Adam & I both received donations to Samaritan's Purse for 'wherever the need is most' in our name. In addition to that, someone will receive baby chicks in my name! And lastly from a dear friend (who didn't even see our lists), we received a donation to Heifer International for a Basket of Hope (rabbits & a starter flock of chickens). All of these gifts can provide food for nourishment, cam boost income through sales of eggs & offspring, and help people/communities thrive. These gifts were actually husband's favorites!

Thanks to everyone for their thoughtfulness this year while we celebrated the birth of our Lord Jesus!
We love you!

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