Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Cookies!

Hello all & happy Sunday-Funday. I love Sunday because we focus on hanging out & doing NOTHING after church. Husband is watching the Bears right now & I am putzing on Craigslist, trying to get rid of some coats that I have had for way too long. Ever do that? Just need to purge? I am crossing my fingers that I can sell these & get some extra room in my closet... as a side benefit, more cash! Perfect. 

Anyways, I just wanted to share with you...DRUMROLL PLEASE... our Christmas cookies this year! Yes, technically we made them on Thanksgiving & my mama says that this will be a tradition every year! I say PERFECT! We had a blast & they turned out great! With lots of sisters & nieces, this is a perfect project for us while the boys are hanging out, watching sports, or sleeping! Or maybe us doing this is what makes them do that? Who knows...

Without further ado, our Christmas cookies...

Well, these are our 'mixing bowls' to come up with some fun colors...but we're getting there!

My mom had these all baked before we got there. I must tell you, my mom has always been SUPER talented at this. People back home always use to want my mama to decorate cookies & cakes for them (for ALL occasions)! She still does sometimes, but has had some carpal tunnel & hand surgeries, so she can't as often! However, they are still so beautiful & I'm glad she is passing on this family tradition!

here they are, people! Just a few of my ones to begin with! She makes the cookies AND frosting from scratch...YUM! If you'd like the recipe, comment below!

My beautiful, talented mama & I decorating cookies!

These are a huge hit with the inlaws & well, really anyone. Plus, I mixed the colors super bright because let's face it, they're more fun!

And don't be alarmed... you may find husband, brothers & daddys in the living room taking a snoozer while you prepare them a yummy treat! SIDENOTE, how cute is that blanket husband is under?! My mama found it at a garage sale! SCORE! I think it looks like an Easter egg... or a Christmas cookie!

Hope you like! If you're local & you want to buy some, send me a message! :) 

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