Tuesday, May 1, 2012

happy MAY DAY!

okay, my husband thinks we're crazy where i'm from! he has never heard of a 'may basket'! WHAT?!

okay, so every year, our 4th grade classes would go out & sell as many 'may baskets' as we could for a fundraiser or something like that. then we would take a day, or week, or something like that... cut them out & make them all... and it was crazy... like in the hundreds. okay...so then, on 'MAY DAY (may 1st)', people would bring the 'may baskets' filled with goodies to whomever they wanted! it was a big deal -- especially if you got lots! hello!? CRUSH CITY, people!


sooooo, then, you'd knock on their door, or ring their doorbell, wait for them to answer, kiss them & run away. or maybe it went like this...the younger people would always try to catch you, chase you down & kiss your cheek or something. anyways, whichever... i remember 'liking' my neighbor boy (i was like 7 & he was like 15 -- haha) & i wanted to give him one (a maybasket, not a kiss)... well, i dropped one off (made my mom come with me or watch me or something) & i remember running as fast as i could. then...there comes jason (neighbor). apparently someone had told him i 'liked' him, so he 'chased' me all the way home (like 2 houses). if i remember, my mom was giggling & i was crazy! i think i got a smackeroo on the cheek. years later when i went to his wedding to my OTHER neighbor, it still got brought up -- funny.

SOOOOO, i had to make my husband his FIRST EVER 'may basket', don't i?! apparently i got lazy the past few years because i never made him one... just told him about it! well, in my posts prior, i've told you there's been a blog i've been keeping an eye on: http://www.happyhomefairy.com/. so, she's inspired me to keep doing cheesy/cute things for my hubs... SO, stay tuned for the AWESOME MAY BASKET i made him! it's a suprise for when he picks me up from work! SIDENOTE: it works for us to carpool; saving money, honey! BAM! and he's already left work, so i can write this on here because he won't read it until TOMORROW & by then he'll already have it!

i took pictures of it & will put them up tonight! STAY TUNED!
until then, here's the tutorial i used (i wanted to make a square one, not a cone one because we made the square ones growing up!)

i definitely altered lots of this & just used the 'cutting part', but you'll see when i get pics up!

happy MAY DAY! betcha can't catch me!

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