Thursday, May 3, 2012

throwback THURSDAY!

okay... so i'm going to start doing 'THROWBACK THURSDAY'... in the future, i'll try to have some really old pictures, but until then... you're just stuck with a few years BACK! :)

i was our on a walk one day & FOUND THESE SHADES! just sitting on the ground...asking for a new home. so... i gave it to them. there was an internal conflict whether or not to leave them there, but they were 'hidden-ish', so there was no moral obligation there... they're the brand CHILI'S or something of that sort?! i don't know... all i know is i got them over 4 years ago (estimate) & i'm still loving them... i LOVE that they don't have those little things that make marks on your nose & they just sort of hanging out of your little noseypoo! love 'em.
i was actually standing in a bathroom in phili & thought i was looking pretty cool in my shades. i was just going through a rough little patch in my life, lost some weight from stress & was trying to gain my self-confidence back! so apparently i was thinking i looked pretty awesome & tough or something... oh, silly me... it's funny to look back & just think, 'oh my, what were you thinking?'


killer shades from the ground & growing up,
your j

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