Wednesday, May 2, 2012

you hated what?

lipstick & i... well, let's just say that we didn't get along. i used to wear lipgloss all the time, but it's just TOO messy & sticky... i would put it on & get SO mad at myself when the wind would blow my hair & it would just stick... ICK! but anyways, quite honestly, i still don't really like lipgloss at all. that's not to say i've never worn it, but i would say once a year...just to see if i've changed my mind or something... hahaha. BUT, i have found that i sure do like some lipstick! i use to always put my foundation on my lips but a bit into the day, it would get all cakey & nasty-looking... i needed something new. one day, by mistake, i was using my amazing LAURA GELLER LIP SPACKLE...
...when i accidentally put my burts bees chapstick...
on before it! i fell in love. no longer were my lips getting all wierd & flaky & stuff... it's amazing. quite honestly, i heard kandee johnson talk about lip spackle alot... how amazing it was & such... well, i didn't really see the AAA.mayy.ZING.nexx until burts bees came into play...
***sidenote, for the longest time i didn't realize there was any other burt's bees chapstick besides the honey... and well, i thought is smelled like peepee. so i didn't really like using it all that much...***

...then one fine day, i used my mother-in-laws & it was all minty-fresh & i adored it. i ditched my honeybalm to the side & i've never went back since (well, unless that's all that's on our nightstand before bed)!

***important sidenote*** i JUST saw this while finding you the link for lip deliciousness & saw THIS:

i actually got excited! like, really excited! i am going to check & see if my clinic giftshop has it on lunch!? or maybe just swing by walmart sometime! :) EEK. i don't need it right now, but keep your eyes peeled for me! i just love the tingly feeling of chapstick with peppermint or menthol... oooooh, i used to use THIS:
i guess i don't know why i had the impression that they didn't make it anymore or that it was discontined... but do you know how excited i am to know that it's still IN STOCK! man, i'm going to be even more stocked up on lipstuff than i already am!

i just got butterflies in my tummy... don't ask me why i remember this, but this was the chapstick i wore the first time adam & i shared a little smoochy-smoochy!

SOOOO... apparently they have different kinds!
i don't know how i feel about cinnamon, but vanillamint might be YUM!
i think that i would like these... if they weren't so darn STICKY! you can get them ABOVE, too! lots of people LOVE THEM! they feel nice on your lips until your hair gets caught in it!

bark, bark.
a portrait of me...being scared of some lipstick i bought at VICTORIA'S SECRET years back... when i hated it.

alright, i've gotten sidetracked multiple times...

so, the story starts one night when i'm getting into my friend bailey's car. me, her, her daughter, her niece & her niece's friend are all going to a church 'fall festival' or something like that. sounds wierd, but her lips captivate my eyes. why, you ask? because they're BRIGHT PINK & i love the matte color of it. it's bright, but subtle. and then i see that all the other little ladies have it on, too! so, i put it on my Christmas list. i was a little aprehensive at first because...well i don't like stuff on my lips, but this stuff was awesome! and guess what, i got TWO TUBES! i still have to trade one in for another one i like (i'll list below), but that's how the story began!
wanna see my first-ever lipstick? go here: you will get the low-down & all the information on the lipstick SNOB by MAC! :)

and i've heard little miss kandee johnson ranting & raving about her most favoritist nude lipstick/color: MYTH by MAC! here's just ONE post from her about it: ...and since i love my nude burt's bee's/laura gellar lip look, i figured i'd better try it out! SOOOOOO... what did i get last night when i had some returning to do? GOT SOME MYTH!

i wore it today & i really do like it. i can't wait to wear it after i get a tan... i think it'll look EVEN BETTER, baby! and another BONUS, when i kissed my husband this morning, he didn't get PINK all over his lipperonis! it still looked natural! :)

so, THIS is the one i wanted to get last night as well... but sadly, they only sell it in MAC stores... not at 'MAC counters' where i went (they have one in younkers)! i know it looks a lot like SNOB, but i think it'll be a little deeper. again, can't wait for a nice tan to really set it off! it's called SAINT GERMAIN by MAC!

MAC is also launching 'FASHION SETS' where they are selling lipstick, lip gloss & laquer! AWESOME! get the lowdown HERE:

mmmkay. bright pink lips & not colorful husband smooches,

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